Your Tokyo & Japanese Culture Guide

Hi there. I’m Chad. I’ve lived in Tokyo a couple of decades now… TokyoSpark is where I share things to help you enjoy Tokyo as much as I have.

I’ve divided the site into a couple of main sections: the Tokyo City Guide and the Japanese Culture Guide.

Tokyo City Guide

This is probably the primary reason you’re here. The Tokyo City Guide is where I share things to do, where to dine, and other interesting things about Tokyo — organized nicely so you can learn it all without hunting all over for it.

If I’m being honest, the Tokyo City guide will likely be a work in progress for quite a long time. Tokyo has so much to offer, and it’s always changing.

Meaning there’s always something new to introduce to you.

It’s “done enough” to help you. But if you’ll pardon the occasional mistake, broken link, and lite content here and there, I’m working like mad to improve it every day.

Japanese Culture Guide

Then there’s the Japanese culture guide. Mostly because there’s a darn good chance I’ll introduce you to something you may never have heard of.

So I’ll explain it to you here.

This is things like mannerisms, what the variety Japanese food is, train etiquette, questions and answers, and so much more.

Here are the last few things I’ve worked on most recently.

What’s next?

I’m currently working with my local Japanese friends to put together a guide to the best coffee shops in Shinjuku. You won’t want to miss it if you enjoy coffee.