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Dining Experiences

I love food. I love learning of new foods and restaurants even more — I bet you do too.


Interesting Culture

The Japanese culture is unique and sometimes quirky — very interesting for sure.


Sights and Fun Activities

Things to see and do in Tokyo, and the greater Tokyo area (and maybe some day trips too).

Delivered directly to your inbox;

TokyoSpark is just me and my local Japanese friends trying to help you find cool stuff. We do the research to empower you.

Semi-sometimes because we will only send you quality content — there could be days where we discover a ton, or it may be a “slow news week.” We won’t send you boring stuff just to send you something. We’ll wait — but it also means we may send more than one a week too!

What is it exactly?

It’s curation. Much like a museum will showcase only the best art they can find, we showcase only the best Tokyo, Japan, and Japanese culture content we can find. Some of it online, some while we explore Tokyo. All based on decades of experience here.

Turned into Published Issues

We compile our interesting findings into a succinct, skim-able issue — and then email it to you. Simple.

Think of it like this: We are the algorithm.

We spend hours every day looking through hundreds of resources — hunting for enjoyable or even quirky things about Tokyo and Japanese culture. And then we package it up in and deliver it to your inbox.

Think of it as if we were close friends and we found this really cool new thing you just have to check out.

What kind of info?

Fun and interesting info. Our goal is to bring you useful tidbits of information to help you enjoy Tokyo and Japan.

That means it’s not information like news and politics. Instead it’s food, dining, activities, sights, day trips, itineraries, cafes, parks, skyscrapers, and dank alleys. You know, the things that make Tokyo and Japanese culture so intriguing and fun.

Sound like a deal?

Good, join us. Again, no spam. I promise. Just a simple email from me to you.

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