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My latest Japanese food guides

Japan has some of the most amazing food in the world. But what is it? If you’re new to Japanese cuisine you’ll want to learn what everything is.

Japanese wagyu

Everything there is to know about wagyu beef in Japan [2019 edition]

Japanese wagyu beef is legendary and in many ways shrouded in mystery. What makes it so darn good? This guide explains everything in detail -- and then some.
Seasonal Flavors in Japan

Seasonal flavors of Food in japan

The seasons bring big changes to the flavors found on menus at restaurants throughout Japan. Let’s dive into each season real quick and have a peek.
What is Nori

What is Nori? Japan's #1 Healthy Superfood?

What is nori? Nori is a type of seaweed found in Japanese cuisine. Japanese supermarkets carry a huge variety of nori to discover and enjoy.
What is Teppanyaki

What is Teppanyaki? Your #1 Guide to this Sizzling Delight

Teppanyaki is the Japanese word for flat iron grilled foods. It’s a combination of the words teppan and yaki. Teppan meaning flat iron grill and yaki meaning grilled (as in grilled foods).
Sushi in Tokyo

The Incredible Price of Sushi in Japan: High and Low

You’ve probably heard the price of sushi in Japan is super high. And you’re right. Sushi in Tokyo can either be incredibly expensive, or remarkably cheap.
what is sushi

What Is Sushi? At Least 12 Awesome Things You Didn't Know

Sushi doesn’t mean raw fish like you probably imagine anytime you hear the word. That sushi chef in white with that cool hat masterfully crafting the perfect piece of sushi.

Latest Artwork

Looking for something awesome to hang on your wall? Or maybe the most unique, exclusive souvenir for your friends to show off Japan?

My recent dining recommendations

Here you’ll find the most recent restaurants I’ve added to TokyoSpark, regardless of where in Tokyo they are located.

6 Remarkable Sushi Restaurants Hiding in Tachikawa, Tokyo

Tachikawa may be little known outside of Tokyo, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some of the most incredible sushi you'll find in this part of Japan.
Sakuratei Harajuku

Sakuratei: An Artsy Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Harajuku

Sakuratei is a fantastic okonomiyaki restaurant with a diverse menu -- connected to an experimental art gallery called Design Festa, located in Harajuku.
Yoroniku yakiniku Tokyo Japan

Yoroniku: When You Just Have To Have the Best Yakiniku There Is

Yoroniku is an award-winning A5 wagyu yakiniku restaurant with a pure focus on impeccable atmosphere and unbelievable Japanese BBQ flavor.
kitakata bannai ramen, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Kitakata Bannai: A Meat Lover's Dream Bowl of Ramen

Kitakata Bannai is a tonkotsu ramen chain specializing in thick noodle ramen topped with yakibuta chashu in clear soup and a surprisingly deep, hearty flavor.
Imafuku, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Imafuku: A5 Wagyu Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki Absolute Perfection

Imafuku is a Michelin-starred wagyu shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant specializing in top-notch quality dining in Minato, Tokyo.
Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Sumibiyaki Yakiniku Nakahara: A5 Wagyu Grilled to Perfection

Sumibiyaki Yakiniku Nakahara is a top-end A5 wagyu yakiniku restaurant specializing in perfecting the yakiniku grilling experience in Chiyoda.

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