About TokyoSpark

Hi there.

I’m Chad Thiele. I’m an Iowa boy who came to Japan way back in 1996 with the U.S. Air Force. Yea, I know… I had never imagined as a boy growing up in Iowa that I would ever move to Japan.

I spent 8 years in the service, all of it here in Tokyo. I’ve long since separated but have continued working on a military installation here (as a side note, the U.S. Air Force and DoD are not affiliated with TokyoSpark in any way).

You may be asking why that’s important.

Well, it gives me a unique perspective. Yes, I’ve lived in Tokyo for over 22 years now, but the key here is that it’s as if I’m an eternal visitor to this interesting country.

Being a part of the military community here means I don’t live completely enveloped in the economy and culture. I work in a completely English speaking environment and live in Japan.

It means I get to explore Tokyo like a tourist every weekend and holiday break I get. I’ve eaten at hundreds (maybe over a thousand) different restaurants. I’ve learned to speak much of the language the hard way.

So why TokyoSpark?

To help you. To share my experiences with you. To explain Japanese food, culture, etc… in a layman, easy to understand way.

To not only give you things to see and do but to explain the language and culture so you can better enjoy things.

My Promise

My promise to you is I will always strive to carefully research content and add my own experience to the mix so you can discover new things about Tokyo.

A combination of thorough research and over 22 years of experience being a tourist in Japan.

Never Bought

TokyoSpark does not have sponsored posts, and I don’t plan to ever have sponsored posts.

There’s just something not right about having content that was not written by me (or my team), just so I can make a quick buck.

Rest assured, if there is an article on TokyoSpark, it was written to be helpful content for you to read, learn, and enjoy.

That said, you may find ads from time-to-time, and occasional affiliate links to products I actually fully recommend. I do have to keep the lights on.

When was TokyoSpark Started?

I bought the domain about two and a half years ago. I did a couple things here and there with it but didn’t really launch anything.

November 12, 2018, is the official launch of the first post by TokyoSpark. So it’s really new still (I’m writing this on January 24, 2019).

I look forward to helping you enjoy Japan.

Take care,

Chad Thiele, Founder