Teien Art Museum From the 30’S Shows Off Art-Deco in Tokyo

Updated October 15, 2019

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum is an art museum started in the 1930s with a fantastic collection of “art-deco” style art in Meguro, Tokyo.

Here’s a cool art-deco museum in downtown Tokyo that is also surrounded by a fantastic Japanese garden. The building really stands out as it doesn’t fit the typical style of buildings found in Japan — you can definitely see it’s European influence.

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum 5 min walk from Meguro Station #Meguro

+Expect to spend at least ¥200 per person. Some exhibits and special events have their own fees. Official page (in English).

+Built in 1933 to plans by the leading French designers of the day, the former Prince Asaka residence features many beautiful details, including chandeliers and custom-glass doors designed by René Lalique.” Metropolis Magazine: Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum

+The interior was designed principally by the Frenchmen, Henri Rapin (1873-1939) and Ivan-Leon Branchot (1868-1947), so many of the materials that went into its construction, and much of the interior decoration, are French imports. The glass relief of the main entrance door and the chandeliers in the Grand Guest Room and Great Dining Hall are by the celebrated glassware and jewelry artist, Rene Lalique (1860-1945).” Japan Visitor: Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

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