Asakusa Sensoji Paper Lantern 2020

Asakusa Sensoji Paper Lamp Artwork

Sensoji Template in Asakusa is a magnificent place to visit. And even better to hang on your walls. Snag this symbol of Japanese culture to decorate your home.

Asakusa Sensoji Paper Lantern 2020 Mock

What Do You Get?

You get the meticulously crafted digital of this piece at an incredible 10K resolution -- with a generous license.

Yep, you heard right. You get the digital so you can decorate your walls, print and send as gifts/souvenirs, use as a wallpaper on your smartphone, etc.

All from this one purchase!

The Specs

  • 24x36" 300dpi native resolution (10800x7200)
  • 10k+, hi-res; almost 78,000,000 pixels!
  • jpegMini Pro optimized to reduce filesize
  • Personal license to use as you need

Use as Gifts

People love unique gifts but it can be so hard to hunt down the perfect one.

Use this artwork on mugs, t-shirts, calendars, posters, or even throw pillows or yoga pants!

Save Money on Souvenirs

Print this artwork at 5x7 and then use this frame from IKEA (Just $1.99). Do this for all your friends and family who want something cool from Japan.

Generous Personal License

Most personal licenses limit you to using it purely for yourself. Not my license.

You are free to use this artwork for your own non-commercial needs, such as:

  • Prints to decorate your home/office
  • Wallpapers across all your computers, smartphones, or tablets
  • Print and frame as gifts/souvenirs
  • Heck, print on merch like T-shirts, mugs, or throw pillows to send as gifts too

The only thing you can’t use this artwork for is commercial gain (and you can't redistribute it digitally either).

Otherwise, it's yours to use how you need. Enjoy!