Asakusa Sushi Ken: Yes, There is Halal-Friendly Sushi In Tokyo

Chad Thiele Updated April 17, 2019
Asakusa Sushi Ken, Tokyo

Sushi Ken is a halal-friendly sushi shop in Asakusa Tokyo. In fact, it was the first to offer a fully halal-friendly sushi menu in Japan.

If you’re religion requires a very specific diet, such as Halal, you already know it can be a pain finding restaurants to enjoy.

Luckily there are places that are paying attention to your needs. Places like Sushi Ken in Asakusa, where they even certify themselves as Halal-friendly. Offering a menu pre-selected to make sure you don’t accidentally consume something against your religious requirements.

If you decided to eat here you’re in Asakusa — lots to see and do in this area of Tokyo, notably the Senso-Ji Temple and the plethora of shops lining the walkways around the temple.

How much does Sushi Ken cost? Does it accept credit cards? Parking Available?

You should expect to spend about ¥4,000 per person for dinner, or ¥1,500 per person for lunch. They do accept credit cards.

Being in downtown Tokyo, Sushi Ken does not have it’s own parking lot. Take the train or park in a nearby paid parking lot (Tabelog).

Asakusa Sushi Ken 10 min walk from Asakusa Station #sushi

+There aren’t many Halal sushi restaurants in Tokyo so if you’re Muslim and would like to try the quintessential Japanese cuisine, you’ll be glad to know these three places.favy

+Asakusa Sushi-Ken is the first-made Halal Sushi restaurant in Tokyo. All of the ingredients used for the food (soy sauce, vinegar, rice, Japanese Gari “Sweet Pickled Ginger”, meat, etc.) are Halal, so Muslim customers don’t need to worry about this.Halal Gourmet

+You’ve got a counter where you can sit for your meal although this would probably be best suited for a solo or maybe a pair of diners. A refrigeration ‘panel’ lines the counter which the chefs stand behind. You can see the different ingredients they will use to prepare your food including various cuts of fish and assorted seafood. Behind these chefs is a window that gives you a peek at the kitchen where the rest of the food is prepared.Halal Food Blog