The Best Ramen in Tokyo Challenge; Discover Your Best Ramen

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Best, especially when it comes to food, is one of those things that lay in the eye of the beholder. It’s absolutely different for everyone. But without a doubt, ramen is one of the most sought after meals in Japan. 

You might prefer a heavy, thick broth. Others may appreciate light, thin noodles. The sheer variety of ramen shops to discover in Japan could very well be your next travel adventure challenge!

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And that’s the point of this article. Is there really a such thing as best ramen?

I mean, there are so many different varieties that the ramen I think is best probably isn’t the ramen you think is best. 

And then there will always be that lingering thought that there is a new best ramen out there you haven’t tried yet.

So how about I show you some hand-picked ramen shops that you can try and discover your new best ramen?

Sound like a deal?

Great. Here’s how it’s going to work.

The Rules:

  • I’m going to do a ton of research and hand-pick ramen shops in Tokyo for you
  • All selected shops are in walking distance from well-connected train stations
  • I’m only going to give you the name and a link to the Google map so you can find it

That’s it. No fluff, no advice, no tips, tricks, reviews, photos, videos, or anything. 


I don’t want to affect your choices. Just know that I am only hand-picking very good ramen shops. 

Your Challenge Should You Choose to Accept

Your part in this is easy. Go out and adventure — discover your new best ramen.


Go! (and remember, all the ramen shops in this list have been researched and hand-picked)

Could one of these be the best ramen in Tokyo?

Nakano Station

Kichijoji Station

Shinjuku Station

Shibuya Station

Ebisu Station

Tachikawa Station

Hachioji Station

Time to Explore

Get out there and find the best bowl of ramen for you. Don’t let someone tell you what is best. Discover it for yourself.

And then, you know… let me know what you find. 🙂