Make the Most of Tokyo

The Best Adventures are Planned Accidents

Hi, welcome to the “Make the Most of Tokyo: The Best Adventures are Planned Accidents” book, by our founder, Chad Thiele.

As you probably already know, this book is 24 years in the making. It’s a condensed tome of knowledge we’ve collected over the years, pared down to what we believe are essential notes to help you enjoy Tokyo to the max.


I love the word adventure.

It conjures fantastic images like hiking through the dense jungle or free-climbing a steep rockface. Or diving the Great Barrier Reef.

Adventure is awesome. It’s what drives us.

We learn from our adventures. Develop new memories, experiences, and skills from the sights, sounds, and smells we discover on our adventures.

That’s true whether you’re on Mt. Everest or Tokyo Tower. But planning a trip to Tokyo is hard; right?

What if I told you that after 24 years in Tokyo I’ve learned there is one simple thing you can do to have the most amazing adventures in Tokyo?

Where you’ll discover something unique and never waste time planning it out.

This book will take you through the idea of adventuring in Tokyo without a proper plan. 

Then we’ll go into quickly discussing the various parts of Tokyo, a few cultural questions, some things to avoid and finish up with a few 1-day itineraries to help you decide where to adventure. 

And finally, finish up with more advice and experiences to help you make the most of your time in this incredible city. 

Table of Contents

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