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The Chiyoda ward is impressive. First, it’s where the imperial palace is located, which you can visit during certain times of the year. But it also contains Akihabara, the electronics capital of, some would say, the world.

Plus Chiyoda has some of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo, art museums, and historical shrines.


The Akihabara area has two personalities. On the one hand, you will find almost any electronics goods you want. On the other, it’s every geek’s dream (a geek is called otaku in Japanese) — anime, maid cafes, manga, and more for as far as the eye can see.


The Jinbocho area is where you’ll find antique books. It’s often referred to as “Book Town.” It’s also where you’ll discover lots of little curios – those rare, trinkets that are awesome to bring back and showcase in your home.

So are the interesting old books you’ll find here among the nearly 200 bookstores.

It’s also home to some of the best curry restaurants you’ll find in Tokyo, like this shop: Sumatra Curry Kyōeidō.


The Kanda area is home to the aptly named Kanda Shrine or Kanda-myojin. The cool part is this shrine is over 1,200 years old and is close to Akihabara so you can take in some history after geeking out all day.

Also, some of the greatest festivals are held here, so plan for those — there’s nothing quite like festivals in Japan — even after 24+ years here I look forward to the festival season.


The Marunouchi area is tucked between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. It’s mostly a business area, but don’t let that deter you — there’s still a lot to see here, especially if you enjoy art, a good bowl of ramen, incredible architecture, and shopping.


The Chuo ward is home to a couple of the most well-known areas in Tokyo: Ginza and Tsukiji. It also has the Yaesu area on the east side of Tokyo Station, where the Shinkansen “bullet train” terminal is located.


Ginza is literally the most expensive area to shop in Tokyo. It’s the Beverly Hills of Japan,  packed with all the top brand names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more;. pPlus, there are the up and comer boutique brands sprinkled throughout.


Tsukiji is so popular you probably already know about it if you’ve done even a little research into Tokyo. It’s home of the Tsukiji Fish Market — which, unfortunately, has changed quite a lot since the inner market was moved to the Toyosu Fish Market.

But Tsukiji is still where you will find the most incredible sushi and street food in Tokyo so don’t scratch it off your list.


The Meguro Ward is typically a relaxed residential area nestled in the middle of downtown Tokyo with one massively remarkable appeal: the annual cherry blossom festival in Nakameguro.

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