What to Avoid in Tokyo

Chapter 5: What To Avoid In Tokyo?

Stay Safe And Have A Great Time

Too often you’ll see popular city travel guides and tourist books share all the awesome things to check out in Tokyo, Japan. What about the areas and things to avoid in this quirky city?

Ooh, this is a great question because all too often, TokyoSpark included, you’ll see all sorts of recommendations for what to love in Tokyo.

But the things to avoid can be equally important. So let’s dive in and go over several things that you should avoid in Tokyo.

Wait. Before we get into it, I want to make one thing clear. Tokyo (and pretty much all of Japan for that matter) is very safe.

Of course, there is crime, but it’s not frequent and rarely violent.

Considering Tokyo is a massive city with an estimated population of over 14 million people (src) — if the regular residents aren’t concerned about safety, you shouldn’t worry either.

Alright, that said, let’s see what to avoid to have a better time in Tokyo.

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