Avoid Animal Cafes

You may be a little confused about this one. Perhaps because that cute hedgehog cafe is one of the biggest reasons you want to come to Tokyo.

Or that awesome sounding owl cafe!

But here’s the thing. Think about it from the animal’s perspective.

Should a dog be forced to interact with guests all day at all hours and only relax when the shop has closed?

Should an owl have a leather leash around its ankle to prevent prolonged flight?

It’s just not right.

But there is hope.

Hope is the perfect word too.

There are some charitable animal cafes, mostly with cats and dogs, which shelter stray animals, feed/house them, and let them interact with guests — with the intent to find a home for them.

That’s heartful. Compassionate. And a phenomenal way to use the venue’s popularity to support animals in need of a good home.

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