Avoid Anywhere on Sunday

I suppose I shouldn’t say anywhere.

Here’s why I say “anywhere on Sunday.” I’ll let you decide if you agree with my advice.

The Japanese are very hard workers. They work long hours during the week and often work on Saturdays too.

Sunday, it seems, is the single day everyone has off.

As a result, everywhere popular is absolutely packed to the brim on Sundays.

Places like grocery stores, Ikea, Costco, malls, department stores, Starbucks… even pachinko parlors.

All full.

And not just full. Full in that exceptionally un-fun sort of way. Where there are so many people that you can’t move around the store smoothly.

Where the ordinarily nice Japanese person is now rude and ignores the fact you were waiting as they budge right in front of you.

That kind of full.

Pro tip

Go early. Go at the very moment the shop you want to go to opens. Be there slightly before it opens.

And you’ll often find you beat the crowd.

But don’t linger there too long or before long you’ll find yourself swarmed.

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