Avoid Monks

Not the monks at the temples. And most of the monks standing still at busy intersections (like the one in the photo). They’re legit.

I’m talking about the roaming “monks” who are often holding a handful of cheap beads (to “sell” to you).

I honestly haven’t researched this to know if they are legit asking for donations for a temple, but I suspect they aren’t. Mostly because most temples already have ways to earn money and ask for donations.

Then you’ll sometimes run into the ones that are obviously not legit.

They’ll jam their beads into your hands and demand a “donation” for the beads they claim are now yours.

If someone does this to you kindly hand them back and if they won’t take them, try to balance them on their hands. If they fall, oh well.

Move along and leave them behind. Ignore them if they try to continue and just keep going until they leave you alone.

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