What is White Day? What do you do on that day?

It wouldn’t be fair if women didn’t have a day to balance Valentine’s Day now would it?

So what is White Day?

It’s not so complicated, but maybe a bit old-fashioned.

Often a woman reveals her crush on a man by giving him chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

On White Day the man is to “answer her” by returning the favor if he wants to accept her offer.

Interesting culture in Japan for sure.

However many believe that today it’s nothing more than a ploy by candy makers to make more money — and its working.

It’s said candy makers earn almost half of their annual $5 billion in revenue from these two holidays.

That’s crazy to think about, but not hard to imagine, is it?

That’s a bit of Japanese culture in a nutshell. I hope you learned something. In the next chapter, we’re going to get back into the travel side of things with some really smooth 1-day itineraries.

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