Why do Japanese people like to wear glasses?

This is an interesting question. If you’re not paying attention you might not have even noticed that quite a few people have glasses on in Japan — particularly career-minded people (usually in suits).

This is partly because while many people do you need glasses for their eyesight, many are also using them for smart fashion, or to protect their vision for the future.

Of course, fashion style comes and goes, but some of the fake glasses are also intended to block UV or blue light to protect the eyes from harmful light.

This is especially true for office workers who may stare at a computer screen for many hours during the day.

And that the same time, let’s be real. It’s not like every Japanese person is wearing glasses all the time because of some strange fashion statement. 

And then, there’s also the fact there are stores like J!NS that sell glasses very, very cheap. As in, $50 for a fitted pair with lenses and eye exam included. 

It may be there are more people who have become aware of eye conditions simply because it is free to check.

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