1-Day in Harajuku


Assuming we start around 9:00 AM-ish, from Harajuku station, we are going to start the morning off with breakfast at Eggs ‘n Things

Once you have finished, cross over Harajuku bridge to check out Yoyogi Park. While you are there, be sure to see  Kakuutei (old tea house), Kiyomasa’s well, Meiji Shrine Kagauraden, and Meiji Jingu Gyoen (garden).

Next, we are going to head to Laforet Mall and Tokyu Plaza where you can do a little shopping if you like or just check out all the unique stores.

When you are finished, head west (which is the 305). 

There are many shops to check out down this road, and if you are an Alice in Wonderland fan, check out Alice on Wednesday for one-of-a-kind trinkets and gifts. 

Also, check out the Awesome Store & Cafe.

At this point, if you are already hungry for some lunch, there is a great fish and chips place called The Manhatten Fish Market, but if you ate breakfast and can hold off for a bit, then cross over to the other side of the street to Cat Street

Don’t worry, you can’t miss it because it will be pretty busy. This is a pretty popular area, and as you walk down, you will come to a fork in the road. 

You can pick either side, but there are small side streets that get back to the other street if you change your mind. Each one offers a variety of stores and places to eat.


Now it’s time for lunch! You have many options around here. 

If you’re feeling like BBQ and an ice-cold beer, then try Smokehouse on the other side of Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren’s building.

If you like seafood, then you have to go to Luke’s Lobster, they have the most fantastic lobster subs! 

Or, you can check out Harajuku Gyoza Lou.

Spend the rest of the afternoon shopping, even if it is just window shopping, on Omotesando Avenue. Walk all the way down and then cross over to come back up the other side. 

Once you make it back to Laforet intersection, you’ll be ready for a snack.

This is where the fun kicks up a notch because we’re going to have lunch at Kawaii Monster Café.  You do have to make a reservation, but it is super easy to do online.

After you have taken so many pictures you have half the storage left on your phone, we are going to walk Takeshita Street

Feel Free to stop at any of the stores that catch your eye. Definitely stop at Purikura Shop NOA and enjoy a Harajuku experience by taking pictures in the many picture booths.

* The secret to enjoying yourself on this street is to just go with the flow. Don’t stress and focus on the thick crowd. Keep your head up and look at the surrounding store signs and the Harajuku shuffle.


For dinner, you can choose to stay on Takeshita street and sample a little bit of everything, or if you are looking to take a break from Japanese food, then try Wolfgang Puck Express

However, I highly recommend Red Rock restaurant.  To get to Red Rock, turn down the road next to Marion Crepes, and you will see the entrance to Togo Shrine gardens

Enjoy the manicured ponds and walkways that encase the shrine and lead back to the 305.  Red Rock is directly across the street. You’ll recognize it by the cow head over the stairway.

If you are a person who likes dessert after a good meal, then head over to Cookie Time after you have eaten, but if you are more of a nightcap person, then I suggest Baird Beard Taproom – or heck, do both!

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