1-Day in Roppongi


First thing first, let’s get Tokyo Tower out of the way before it becomes swarmed with tourists and school kids on class trips.  It’s a 20-min walk from Roppongi Station, but if you’re into art, check out the

Take in the view from the tower and when you’re ready, move on to Shiba Park, conveniently located right next to Tokyo Tower. You can look around the park too, catch the Momiji Waterfall, but don’t miss Zojoji temple if you’re seeking Japanese cultural history.

For lunch check out Wakanui Grill Dining for some of the best grass-fed steak, lamb, or even mussels around — just a couple minute walk from Tokyo Tower.

If you’d prefer Italian, check out Tango. It’s a bit of a classy, upscale-ish Italian restaurant with some artistic menu options to choose from.

Or if you’re seeking the full Japanese experience, go for Toufuya Ukai with a wide variety of kaiseki options on the menu.


After lunch, you’ll want to catch a cab over to Tokyo Midtown (or a 25-minute walk) — where you’ll find an awesome collection of boutique shops, dining experiences, fantastic architecture, and even a nice garden (with cherry blossom trees too).

The Suntory Museum of Art is right there in the Tokyo Midtown complex.

Or the National Art Center, Tokyo is nearby too — where you’ll find interesting temporary art exhibits on display in a building of incredible architecture. 

Head over to Nogi Park where you’ll find the Nogi Shrine and Former Nogi House to soak up some Japanese culture. Nogi was a samurai general during the Meiji era.


Real quick before we move on, I also want you to know you’re in the vicinity of a legendary tonkatsu restaurant called Butagumi — it closes at 9:30 PM.

Now it’s time for a nice evening of wining and dining — because Roppongi is the mecca of nightlife in Tokyo and also home to some of the most excellent dining options around.

I highly recommend Ushigoro S — where you’ll find some of the best A5 wagyu beef around. Or maybe try Xex for an amazing teppanyaki experience with an iron chef. You can’t go wrong with either.

If you’d prefer something other than beef, check out Aria Cucina Italiana for delicious Italian food with a quaint atmosphere.

Or Uoteru for incredible Japanese kaiseki cuisine if it is too late for the other choices. It’s a great little izakaya with traditional Japanese food to pair with your favorite adult beverage.

Hachibei is also a fantastic choice. It’s a delicious izakaya where you’ll find some fantastic yakitori to pair with your favorite adult beverage of choice.

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