Make the Most of Tokyo eBook

Make the Most of Tokyo Book

Tokyo is a destination. A dream come true for many.

Don’t let planning become your stumbling block.

There’s a better way to enjoy this amazing city. A technique that doesn’t steal your precious time or wrinkle your brain with over-prep.

This one thing I’ve discovered has helped me massively enjoy Tokyo for over 24 years; with no end in sight.

This book gives you the technique and then expands upon it to help you make the most of Tokyo with very little effort.

Free your mind. Create the best memories of your life.


Inside this book:

  • Chapter 1: Don’t Waste Time Planning; Let Serendipity Guide You
  • Chapter 2: Tokyo Orientation
  • Chapter 3: Tokyo Wards & Districts
  • Chapter 4: Seasonal Flavors of Food in Japan
  • Chapter 5: What To Avoid In Tokyo? Stay Safe And Have A Great Time
  • Chapter 6: Trains Quirky Questions About Trains in Japan
  • Chapter 7: Japanese People
  • Chapter 8: 1-Day Itineraries to Major Parts of Tokyo
  • Appendix A: Jumpstart to Enjoying Japan Course

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