What is Tokyo Spark?

Tokyo Spark is a membership website focused on providing high-quality artwork to spruce up your devices, decorate your home/office, or use in your own projects with no additional fees!

We create artwork based on “ interesting-ness” in Japan — and maybe ninjas too. Maybe.

On tokyospark.com (this site) you'll find our digital artwork. Our store, located at store.tokyospark.com, is where we sell prints of our artwork (all the way up to a massive 24×36" print!)

Do I have to join for a year?

If you don't want to pay for each image individually, and want to take advantage of our all-access pass, then yes. You will need to join for one year. But hey, it's only $25! 🙂

How long can I keep my downloaded artwork?

Our artwork is yours to keep and use forever. Crazy? A little. Like us.

Can I use the artwork for commercial purposes?

Kind of. You cannot use our artwork to create physical merchandise. However, if you want to use the artwork in a digital project such as a website or an app, you sure can — unattributed and royalty-free. 

Essentially you are free to use our artwork for "digital purposes." Things like websites, social media, desktop/smartphone wallpapers, apps, etc…

Also, you cannot resell our artwork as-is, unaltered. 

What resolution (dimensions) is the artwork?

The digital artwork you'll download is in 1920×1080 (Full-HD) and we also include a Facebook profile cover sized version so you can spruce up your FB profile more easily.

I see the artwork is for sale. As a member, I thought I could download them?

Our artwork is also sold separately for those who wish not to subscribe, but want some of our art. If you're subscribed you can download up to 5 images per day.

If the purchase button under each piece of art does not change to a "Download Now" button for you, check to make sure you're logged in. If you are, check your account to verify if you are still subscribed.

Do you store my credit card details?

No way! Security is important to us. We do not store any of your credit card details locally. All credit card details are stored off site by our payment processor.