Hand-Picked Eats in Asakusa



Ramen is one of those foods in Japan that draws an almost cult-like following. Where they try to discover every possible bowl of ramen there is.

Ramen-Tei won’t disappoint even the most die-hard ramen fan. They have a great variety on the menu and even many unique choices too.

Here’s an English menu too.

Map pin to Ramen-Tei

Ninja Cafe

Ninja Cafe Asakusa

This one is fun. It’s a glimpse at some of the quirky side of Japanese culture.

This is a cafe with ninja shaped food along with a ninja theme atmosphere. Some of the food will have shuriken on them (ninjas stars). Or the entire dish is shaped like one.

And of course, you get to dress up like a ninja too!

Map pin to Ninja Cafe Asakusa

Tonbi Gyuniku Emon

Tonbi Yakiniku Restaurant

This is one of those tiny hole-in-the-wall types of places you would probably just walk right past.

That’s too bad too. These are often the best shops to try. The tiny mom ‘n pop shops where the owners have been at their craft for decades.

Luckily you have me to recommend these places to you.

If you like yakiniku you’ll enjoy the food here. It’s tiny. It’s old. But it’s amazing.

Map pin to Tonbi Gyuniku Emon

Asakusa Sushi Ken

Asakusa Sushi Ken, Tokyo, Japan

When you’re hungry for sushi, this place has you covered. Especially if your religion requires a Halal diet.

Sushi Ken is a halal-friendly sushi shop in Asakusa Tokyo. In fact, it was the first to offer a fully halal-friendly sushi menu in Japan.

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