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An Upscale American-Esque Restaurant; Decades-Old In Downtown Tokyo

Wait. A fancy place to take a date, eat gourmet patty melt, AND has a warm, relaxing atmosphere!? Yes, but there is much more. The chef takes many liberties to create a very unique menu.

Tableaux Lounge | 3 min walk from Daikan-Yama Station #Daikanyama

+Expect to spend about ¥4,500 per person, credit cards accepted, and they do have parking (Tabelog).

+Nestled into a beautiful grotto that makes up the basement of Sunroser Building in Daikanyama, the decades-old restaurant has, through the years, become a staple in the constantly evolving realm of Tokyo’s restaurants.” Metropolis Magazine: Tableaux: Pioneers of a New American Cuisine

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