Hanami: Sakura Spreading Joy and Happiness Throughput Japan

Updated October 15, 2019

Hanami is a favorite pastime in Japan, where friends and family gather to enjoy good food, drinks, and each other’s company under the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Every spring in Japan, in late March/early April, the sakura trees blossom to spread happiness and joy throughout Japan.

The Japanse love picnicking and spending time under the blossoms — it’s a pastime called “Hanami.”  There are thousands of places to view these beautiful trees, and some areas have so many trees it’s a real spectacle to behold.

Don’t dismiss this

You may be thinking to yourself: “self… sitting around under flowers doesn’t seem like fun.” But you’d be surprised. There are a ton of locations that also throw really cool festivals to celebrate — and there’s almost nothing better than Japanese festivals. 🙂

I highly recommend Ueno-koen. A park in central Tokyo with lots of sakura trees plus more to see when you are done viewing the blossoms.

Ueno-koen 4 min walk from Ueno Station #sakura #ueno #hanami

+To find when the sakura is blossoming, check the sakura weather map of course.

+Every year, for just over a week, Meguro’s usually sleepy river banks become a hive of activity, as one of Tokyo’s most magical spots to see the annual cherry blossoms. For several kilometers, the sweeping cherry trees provide an arched canvas of blossoms uplit by lanterns, making this a perfect place to admire the scenery, take a walk or grab a bite to eat.Tokyo Cheapo

+It’s that time of year again! Predictions for the first and full bloom of the beautiful cherry blossoms, more affectionately known as “sakura” in Japan, have been floating around for a while since the beginning of the year.Japan Info

+Ueno-koen is Tokyo’s most popular place for hanami. The cherries using start blooming in mid to late March in Tokyo.Truly Tokyo

+Planning a trip to Tokyo during cherry blossom season? It’s the most wonderful time of the year when the whole city turns in a pink wonderland.  There are a number of spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossom viewing and festivals.JW Web Magazine

+The Ueno sakura matsuri, as it is sometimes referred to, doesn’t have precise dates, as the blooming depends greatly on the weather, but usually, you’ll be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms from late March to early April.favy

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