The tenugui cloth has a special place in Japanese culture. You’ll find them used as art and decoration, sports,  or even to wipe the sweat from one’s brow during summer festivals. It’s one of those purely Japan objects that conjures unique imagery of this wonderful country — as we’d say here in Japan “sasuga nihon” which means “admirable Japan.

There are stores dedicated to nothing but a massive variety of tenugui designs. A simple cotton fabric with vibrant fabric paint. Tenukuri Studio is one such store, but you can also design your own tenugui here

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Traditional Dyes! Make Your Own Hand Towel At Tenukuri Studio “Tenugui have beautiful designs and colorful patterns. They are also affordable, and are easy to wash! Sometimes, people frame their tenugui and hang them on walls as decoration. You can pick up tenugui at department stores and 100-yen shops, but Tenukuri Studio uses traditional methods to dye their own towels.” (Matcha)

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