If you’re looking for a unique cookbook to add to your collection, look no further than “The Gaijin Cookbook” where chef Ivan Orkin teams up with Chris Yang to create a magnificent “cook Japanese food at home” cookbook.

Stir fry, tonkatsu, ramen, steamed rice, Japanese curry, and more. Many of the reviews are even saying they don’t need to go to Japanese restaurants anymore because they can make better at home now!

I don’t believe it — at least, no in Japan anyway. But they are great reviews for the cookbook by a chef I’ve featured many times on TokyoSpark.

Ivan Orkin and Chris Yang team up to produce “The Gaijin* Cookbook” — atypical, refreshingly unconventional and, yes, drool-worthy “For Orkin, ramen is a dish with no rules, unconfined to rigid conventions or protocols. Befitting his personality, it is a freewheeling “maverick cuisine” that can be made with as many variations as imaginable: the noodles thick or thin; the sauces of differing flavors; toppings wide-ranging.” (iexaminer)

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