Watch Amazing Sunsets From the Sunshine 60 Observation Deck in Ikebukuro

Sunshine City Observation Deck Tokyo Tower

Sunshine 60 is a huge mall in Ikebukuro — in downtown Tokyo. The top floors are home to fantastic things to do when in Tokyo, such as a planetarium, sunshine aquarium, and this excellent observation deck.

Not only is the main observatory one of the tallest structures in the area, giving you magnificent city views, but during a special time of year,  you can witness the sun setting atop Mt Fuji from the angle you get from here — giving you some of the best photo-ops you’ll find in Tokyo — including the landmark Tokyo Tower (second only to the new Tokyo Skytree).

Not to mention the other interesting things to check out inside the Sunshine City complex such as Namja Town, VR game center, electronics shopping (at Bic Camera and Yamada Denki), and of course — excellent dining options.

Sunshine City is easy to access directly from the Ikebukuro Station.

+Map pin to the Sunshine 60 Observation Deck

And don’t miss out on the nearby Shiba Koen when you want to take an outdoor break.

See the Sun Sit Atop Mount Fuji at Tokyo’s Sunshine 60 Observation Deck “SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observation Deck is holding its 5th Tentai Kanshokai this year where visitors can witness the phenomenon known as Diamond Fuji, a rare occurrence that only happens several times a year where the sun looks like it is sitting on top of the mountain peak and looks like a sparkling diamond.” (MoshiMoshiNippon)

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