Tokyo has so many restaurants it’s crazy… and yet, when a new restaurant opens it should be on your “to check out” list. Especially if they are inside the Gems Aoyama Cross — a hip, stylish new venue that opened just a few short months ago.

Surprising I know… given the current state of COVID and the difficulty many restaurants are facing with customers staying home. While grocery stores thrive, restaurants suffer.

But that didn’t stop these three new restaurants from opening. One really stands out to me. The French-Japanese skewer shop, Denkushiflori. Maybe the most interesting is that it was created by two Michelin star chefs. How cool is that?

Kushi 串 means skewered in Japanese (check our guide about kushiyaki). Most kushiyaki restaurants you’ll find are typical izakaya faire. But here you’ll find the French cuisine influence on this Japanese staple.

+Map pin to Denkushiflori

The three new restaurants you should try at Gems Aoyama Cross in ShibuyaSome of the shops cater to oddly specific lifestyle needs such as cosmetic surgery or eyebrow waxing, but when it comes to dining, the venue’s three restaurants are bound to appeal to any foodie looking for a unique dining experience, whether it’s through French-inspired skewers or an autumnal mushroom hot pot.” (Timeout)

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