Outsider’s View of Japanese Culinary Rules & Yakiniku vs Shabu-Shabu

In this issue, we bring you an outsider’s view of Japanese cuisine, yakiniku versus shabu-shabu, a cool little Americana town in Iruma, castles in Chiba, and capsule co-working spaces.

An Outsider’s Perspective on Japanese Cuisine


Yakiniku vs Shabu-Shabu

Now, this is a fun video with two YouTube “in Japan” personalities choosing their favorite between two choices.

The video covers more than just yakiniku vs shabu-shabu and I happen to agree with them on them all. Maybe it’s one of those things foreigners who have been in Japan long enough tend to do.

Yakiniku > Shabu-Shabu for sure — but shabu-shabu does feel a bit healthier.

Hang out with them even after the yakiniku/shabu-shabu part, where they discuss Osaka vs Kyoto, Omotesando vs Ginza, and more.

Quick Hits

  1. Check out this little “town” called Johnson Town in Iruma, Saitama with a bit of Japanese 1950s Americana — and don’t skip out on the burger joint there.
  2. Chiba, just outside Tokyo to the east, has some really cool castles to check out. I recommend Otaki Castle if you want a “more real” experience.
  3. Need a cozy space to work without interruption? Capsule hotels are retrofitting themselves into co-working spaces due to the pandemic.