If you didn’t know, in downtown Tokyo there are waterway-like canals somewhat similar to what you can find in Italy. Of course, not that level — but they do exist. And you can go for a nice float around Tokyo if you so desired.

And now there is a new hotel — Japan’s first floating hotel actually — in the Tennozu warehouse district of Shinagawa. The area is rich with history and art. A fantastic place to stay to take in the surroundings.

The hotel is called Petals — apparently inspired by the the look of lotus petals floating on water. Okay, I’ll bite… that does sound like a lofty goal for a hotel to mimic. If you squint just right I guess you could say they achieved it.

But the rooms look nice and they have a great focus on providing all natural amenities. Plus it’s walking distance from Shinagawa Station. So yea, worth a stay if you’re looking for a hotel that isn’t run of the mill.

📍Map pin to Petals Tokyo

PETALS TOKYO: Japan’s First Floating Hotel Opens For BusinessTennozu is a warehouse district that has transformed into an art city. From here emerges PETALS TOKYO, Japan’s first floating boat hotel. It consists of four multi-coloured hotel boats anchored beside T-LOTUS M, an event venue on the Tennozu Canal.” (MoshiMoshiNippon)

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