What is Tokyo Joypolis? It’s an indoor theme park/arcade where everyone can let their inner kid run free! A Sega arcade, family fun center with three floors of virtual reality attractions, rides, and video games.

Note: Before you head to Sega Joypolis for a full day of fun, buy the tickets online and save 8% on the cost-plus walk right in when you arrive.

Run around playing laser tag, eating junk food, race a spaceship, and ride a roller coaster all indoors and out of the weather. There is so much to do here, something for children of all ages and adults alike — here are a few highlights of what they offer:

1st Floor

  • Gekion Live Coaster
  • Halfpipe Tokyo ride
  • Spicy Taxi and Pirates Plunder – ride for the little ones

2nd Floor

  • Transformers Human-Alliance – ride
  • Tower Tag – VR laser tag
  • Storm G – virtual reality snowmachine racing ride

While Sega Joypolis has several locations, many have closed. This one is in Odaiba, a humanmade island in Tokyo Bay (with “Tokyo Beach” and a great view of Rainbow Bridge) — bringing you not only interesting arcade games to play but fantastic photo opportunities as well.

Plus, there is a famous hot spring nearby where you can relax after the grueling Halfpipe Tokyo ride.

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