A New Ryokan in Shimokitazawa

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A new ryokan is always welcome. This one, named Yuen Bettei Daita, in the hip neighborhood of Shimokitazawa in downtown Tokyo. It brings back a throw-back feel of the past with thatch materials, stone paths, bamboo, and the lighting wraps it all up nicely.

All-in-all, a very elegant traditional Japanese experience.

+Map pin to Yuen Bettai Daita

YUEN BETTEI DAITA sits in a quiet location surrounded by old, historical Japanese houses and is basked in nature. It houses 300 guest rooms and has open-air baths, a spa, and offers traditional Japanese food the tea ceremony.” (MoshiMoshiNippon)

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This blurb is from the October 12th, 2020 issue of TokyoSpark titled "Camera Lens Drinking Glasses, Made-in-Japan Goods, and "Little Brooklyn" Ramen".