What was the First Ramen Shop in Japan?

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This is both a fun and sad story at the same time. Way back in 1910 the first ramen shop was started in Asakusa (of course Asakusa right?). Yes, ramen is over 100 years old in Japan.

The shop was called Rairaiken. And yes, was… it, unfortunately, closed in 1944. It was the birthplace of shoyu (soy sauce) ramen in Japan.

But there is good news too:

Amazingly, it’s still possible to try the ramen that was served at Japan’s original ramen shop! ‘Rairaiken’ may be closed, but there is another shop called “Shinraiken’ (進来軒) in Chiba that was opened by the apprentice working directly under the owner of Rairai Ken when it closed.” (FavyJP)

+Map pin to Shinraiken in Chiba

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This blurb is from the October 15th, 2020 issue of TokyoSpark titled "Ramen Special! Tonkotsu-ish Ramen, the First Ramen Shop, & Ramen Championships".