If this continues nothing is safe from artificial intelligence. This is an AI app that can grade the quality of yellowfin tuna so it can seek the best prices at auction.

It can replace a human fish inspector with 10 years of experience. I suppose we should have seen this coming right? Apparently the app will be expanding to bring AI into the Toyosu fish market for the bluefin tuna soon.

In theory, it could lower the price of these fish as the quality can be graded more quickly and accurately — giving the right price for the right fish — buyers, who are often sushi shop owners, can get exactly the fish they want and the right price.

Which could end up reflecting in the price at the table for us. In theory anyway.

I wonder what’s next for AI? Will conveyor belt sushi order for you the moment you enter the restaurant?

Japanese fish industries are starting to use artificial intelligence to select high-quality fish at markets and find good fishing grounds, areas where they have traditionally relied largely on experience and intuition.” (JapanTimes)

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