Instagram-Worthy Cafes, Japanese “Breakfast,” & Dom Perignon Level Sake?

In this issue, we bring you four cafes to up your IG game, Japanese breakfast foods, and upscale Dom Perignon level sake?

4 Cafés for Interesting Instagram Photo-Ops in Tokyo

When you’re looking for places to check out in Tokyo of course you want something picturesque to add to your Instagram right? SavvyTokyo has a great list of cafes that will give you more than enough photo-ops for your IG feed.

The last café on their list, Reissue, in Shibuya, has some really talented baristas creating cool latte artwork. Characters, bunny rabbits, and more. These are a perfect chance to add something unique from Japan to your Instagram.

When it comes to café culture, Tokyo doesn’t disappoint. But have you ever wondered if the cafés are as great as they seem on social media?” (SavvyTokyo)

+Map pin to Reissue
+3 Chome-25-7 Jingūmae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

Breakfast in Japan Isn’t Like America, But it’s Unique

You probably know Japan, especially Tokyo, is essentially the food capital of the world. You can’t go a block without tripping over a Michelin-star. 🙂

But “breakfast” is… a bit weird compared to western breakfast. While they have eggs, it’s not (typically) eggs and bacon. And you will find the breakfast is whatever they can get on their way to work (usually rice balls 🍙).

You’ll find things such as:

  • Rice balls (onigiri)
  • Miso soup
  • Salmon
  • Raw egg on rice (tamago kake gohan)
  • Rolled egg omelet (tamagoyaki)

Japan Today has a nice rundown of some breakfast options in Japan. Personally, I really like the raw egg on rice. Once you get used to the texture it’s delicious.

A little soy sauce, maybe some butter (that’s me… the Japanese don’t typically do this) — mmm… so good.

Ochazuke is one of my favorite dishes to eat during cold days. It is rice with green tea. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, but after trying it, I found it so delicious and it just warms me up inside.” (JapanToday)

Go for a Virtual Night Walk in Akihabara

A fantastic video night stroll through Akihabara, the electronics capital of Japan, in downtown Tokyo — and also the nerd/anime/manga/maid cafe mecca. 🙂

A nice high-resolution camera makes for a nice view — maybe turn down the volume a little. The bustle of Tokyo through this video can be a little harsh on the ears.

Motsuzen; Fabulously Priced Izakaya With a Big Menu in Akasaka

While Motsuzen isn’t a unique mom and pop izakaya (it’s a chain), it does have some incredible prices for the amount of food and drinks you get.

It has a digital tablet menu to order — and the menu has a wide selection. A bit crazy actually — you could probably come here twice and not try everything.

TokyoBelly did a great write-up on this shop and has a lot of pictures you can check out.

I absolutely loved this izakaya! Cozy environment, great inexpensive food items and the variety of drinks should please anyone. When in Akasaka you gotta check out this spot! I will be back!!” (TokyoBelly)

+Map pin to Motsuzen in Akasaka
〒107-0052 Tokyo, Minato City, Akasaka, 2 Chome−14−12 高橋ビル 2F

Dom Perignon Level Sake?

Now, this is interesting. The former chief winemaker of Dom Perignon — yea, the insanely expensive, globally recognized brand — is now producing a Japanese sake.

The “new brew” is called IWA 5 and is a rare bottle of sake because it’s crafted by a foreigner — and uses a unique blending technique.

At only ¥13,000 per bottle — I wonder what $130 sake tastes like?

Former chief winemaker of Dom Perignon creates a sake with champagne blending techniques “When Richard Geoffroy left Moët & Chandon in 2018 – where he was the legendary chef de cave (cellarmaster) of Dom Perignon for 28 years – the industry kept a close watch on his next move.” (TimeOut)