You probably know Japan, especially Tokyo, is essentially the food capital of the world. You can’t go a block without tripping over a Michelin-star. 🙂

But “breakfast” is… a bit weird compared to western breakfast. While they have eggs, it’s not (typically) eggs and bacon. And you will find the breakfast is whatever they can get on their way to work (usually rice balls 🍙).

You’ll find things such as:

  • Rice balls (onigiri)
  • Miso soup
  • Salmon
  • Raw egg on rice (tamago kake gohan)
  • Rolled egg omelet (tamagoyaki)

Japan Today has a nice rundown of some breakfast options in Japan. Personally, I really like the raw egg on rice. Once you get used to the texture it’s delicious.

A little soy sauce, maybe some butter (that’s me… the Japanese don’t typically do this) — mmm… so good.

Ochazuke is one of my favorite dishes to eat during cold days. It is rice with green tea. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, but after trying it, I found it so delicious and it just warms me up inside.” (JapanToday)

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