October 3rd, 2020 issue

Sweet Potatoes, KitKats, Historic Alley, and $100 Ramen!?

In this issue, we have found some cool activities for you to check out and a $100 bowl of ramen!? Yes, you read that right, wow! But there is more to enjoy.

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1. Sweet Potato-Picking

Looking for an activity to take your kids to? Kawagoe is just a short day trip north of Tokyo with a lot to offer.

One thing being this sweet potato picking farm. I know what you’re thinking “sweet potatoes?” Yes, because Kawagoe is famous for their delicious sweet potatoes.

2. Make your own KitKats

With over 400 flavors in Japan, KitKat is a nationwide favorite here. The Japanese love their KitKats. And now you can make your own at the KitKat Chocolatory in Shibuya.

After you sit down at the KitKat Chocolatory’s My KitKat station, you’ll receive a checklist to select your flavor of chocolate, four toppings, and a gift box.” (GaijinPot)

Nestle really goes all-out with KitKats in Japan — can you imagine 400 flavors? It’s crazy. Seems like a new flavor comes out for every season and occasion.

3. What will you eat in Japan?

You’ve probably heard that Japan is one of the food capitals of the world. It’s a place that has some of the best food you can find anywhere. But what is Japanese food?

We put together a guide that explains almost 80 different dishes you can find in Japan. find your next favorite.

4. A glimpse into the past

This is a fantastic photo capturing a cramped Tokyo alley that appears to have been untouched since the beginning of modern Tokyo. It’s dark, dusty, falling apart… but still very interesting to look at.

5. A $100 bowl of ramen!?

Yes, you read that right — it’s no typo. There really is a $100 bowl of ramen. It’s a ramen joint called Mashi no Mashi in Roppongi — and they serve wagyu ramen! Founded by the mastermind behind Wagyu Mafia, a private members-only wagyu restaurant.

Yes, that wagyu, with the rich melt-in-your-mouth marbling.

No matter how much I didn’t want to spend $100 on a bowl of ramen, I had to at least try this one once.” (Ramen Adventures)

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