Enjoy History While Imbibing Beer at the Museum of Yebisu Beer

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If you enjoy beer… The Museum of Yebisu Beer will be super interesting for you, especially if you enjoy beer tasting/sampling. It’s a “must-do” on your trip to Tokyo.

Not only will you get the chance to see the humble origins of one of Japan’s more prestigious breweries, but you’ll get to sample some too.

Get the “tasting set” for a variety of three beers and a snack. Plus they also have some excellent food if you’re a little hungry (or prefer food with your beer).

Oh, and there’s interesting vintage photos, bottles, and collectibles from the era — and a cool fact: the museum is on the grounds where the brewery stood until 1988!

Map pin to Museum Yebisu Beer

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This blurb is from the October 9th, 2020 issue of TokyoSpark titled "A Cozy Izakaya, a Park With a View, Authentic Swords, and a Beer Museum".