Issue blurbs about ramen in Tokyo

Enjoy Tonkotsu-ish Ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo

Tonkuru is a small tonkotsu-ish ramen shop in the Sasazuka area of Shibuya, Tokyo. I say tonkotsu-ish because normal tonkotsu ramen is a heavier, creamy pork bone broth. This is lighter. Different. A broth from a mix of ingredients that is unique. And unique is often what you’re after when trying different ramen shops. Do […]

Find Some of the Best Tonkotsu Ramen in Tokyo

Ichiran and Ippudo are world-famous. Very little is needed to say you should try them. But there has to be more right? There are websites literally dedicated to trying new bowls of ramen all over Japan. Here you can find 8 picks for the best tonkotsu ramen in Tokyo. Number 4 in their list, Tokyo […]

What was the First Ramen Shop in Japan?

This is both a fun and sad story at the same time. Way back in 1910 the first ramen shop was started in Asakusa (of course Asakusa right?). Yes, ramen is over 100 years old in Japan. The shop was called Rairaiken. And yes, was… it, unfortunately, closed in 1944. It was the birthplace of […]

There’s Vegan-Friendly Ramen in Tokyo?

Yes. There is a such thing as vegan-friendly ramen. Is that hard to believe, given we live in a world with plant-based meats? 🙂 While a normal ramen broth will have a mixture of chicken, beef, pork, or fish — there are now shops looking to change things up and experiment with new ideas. If […]

Vote in Japan Forward’s Ramen Championships

As strange as it sounds, almost as if it were some sort of e-sport… Japan Forward is holding a reader’s choice ramen championship right now — actually, as of the time of this writing, they’re down to the semi-finals already. The final four ramen are now duking it out for the playoffs and ultimately who […]

Tokyo’s “Little Brooklyn” Ramen

Kuramae, Tokyo’s “Little Brooklyn,” has seen quite a lot of growth in recent years. Of course, this means delicious food has to move in too. And what’s on everyone’s mind when hungry on the way home from work (or a cold winter evening)? Ramen. That’s right. And Ramen Kai is a little gourmet ramen shop […]

A $100 bowl of ramen!?

Yes, you read that right — it’s no typo. There really is a $100 bowl of ramen. It’s a ramen joint called Mashi no Mashi in Roppongi — and they serve wagyu ramen! Founded by the mastermind behind Wagyu Mafia, a private members-only wagyu restaurant. Yes, that wagyu, with the rich melt-in-your-mouth marbling. “No matter […]