Irasshaimase: Yelling At Customers In Japan


What are Japanese shop workers saying when you enter their stores? Irasshaimase (いらっしゃいませ) means “welcome,” or you could think of it as “come in.” It’s the world-renowned word Japanese staff yell out when you enter

Noren: Traditional Japanese Curtains


A noren is a Japanese curtain most commonly hung outside the entrance to a shop. Often used to distinguish when the shop is open or closed. Businesses with their noren outside are

7-Eleven Japan: Great Food & Actual Convenience

7-Eleven Tokyo

Convenience stores in Japan are conveniently convenient. I know… 7-Eleven? Really? Yes. Fly all the way to Tokyo for a 7-Eleven convenience store, you should (okay, maybe not only for 7-Eleven). Greasy

What is Karaoke in Japan?

Karaoke was born in Japan! It’s short of karappo (empty) and orchestra; aka “empty vocals.” Karaoke in Japan is insanely fun. They’re like hotels for karaoke!

What are Ryokan?

Ryokan are traditional Japanese style inns. Featuring tatami rooms, communal baths, futon beds, and traditional cuisine.

What is a Super Sento?

A sento is a public bath. Not to be confused with onsen, which is a natural hot spring. A super sento is a very large health spa. They offer many facilities…

What is Tatami?

Tatami is the rice straw flooring used in traditional Japanese rooms. The rice straw core is tightly woven with a soft rush (another type of straw). The tatami mat is a standard

What are Jinja?

Jinja 神社 are Shinto shrines. They sanctify Shinto deities. Fun fact: You’ll find a jinja in almost every community across Japan.

What is Kanpai?

Kanpai is the Japanese way of toasting. It literally means “to drink up sake from one’s cup.” It’s used much like in western society, at the beginning of a celebration. Most often

What is Ukiyo-e?

What is Ukiyo-e? Japanese traditional artwork of geese flying

Ukiyo-e is a historical wood-block style of artwork from Japan — where wood is etched and used a stamp on a canvas of the artists’ choice (sometimes washi).

What is Nomikai?

Nomi means drink. A nomikai is a drinking party. Nomikai usually takes place in izakaya, but increasingly at home too.