Costco Japan: My #1 Tip to Avoid Pain & Suffering

OMG… Costco! This is going to be a quick tip to help you enjoy Costco in Japan so much more. While I’m mostly discussing Costco here, it’s really about crowds. Which happens all over Tokyo.

You’ll see. 🙂

I know what you’re thinking right about now though. “Pain and suffering at Costco? How?” Well… have you ever been to Disneyland on a busy day?

It’s a lot like Disneyland, unfortunately

Normally you would imagine being compared to Disneyland would be a great thing right?

Wrong. Not in this case.

Imagine going to Disneyland on the busiest day of the year — I imagine somewhere around Christmas most likely. When it feels like there’s a million people all around you. No free space. Nowhere to catch a break.

Where you have to wait in line for an hour just to buy popcorn! Rides are 2-3 hour waits and your fast-pass just isn’t cutting it for you.

That’s Costco every Sunday in Japan

Workers in Japan often really only have Sunday off it seems. For some reason, many feel that’s the best time to go to Costco.

So what happens?

Costco turns into Disneyland every Sunday when hoards of families rush in to buy their favorite American goods in bulk. It’s crazy. You can’t move an inch without bumping into someone or waiting in line for an hour just to get to the meat section.

Really it’s the whole weekend

Sunday is insane, but Saturday is barely any better. So my number one advice to avoid pain and suffering at Costco in Japan is this:

Go on a weekday. It is an entirely different experience. Peaceful. Calming. Enjoyable. You’ll thank me later.

Share, help a friend

If you found this advice helpful and have a friend or family member either in Japan, or visiting soon, please let them know about the Sunday crowds — wait… why would they be coming to Tokyo to check out Costco? Nevermind.

Update: On a “fun” note…

Not even two hours after publishing this article my wife informed me we will be going to Costco at 9:00 am this Sunday — to buy food for a birthday party.

I guess I’m going to Disneyland…