Our posts introducing you to Japanese food

Spicy Food in Japan: Do Japanese People Enjoy Spicy Food?

No, Japanese people tend not to enjoy very spicy food as you would find in other Asian countries. In general Japanese food is quite mild and focuses on expressing the umami in quality ingredients using the perfect cooking technique. I suppose wasabi is probably the spiciest thing you would experience in Tokyo, outside of specific […]

The Price of Coffee in Tokyo

Expensive Sometimes, But Not Outrageously Coffee in Tokyo can be very expensive but also quite affordable — it all depends on the place you get your coffee, the type, size,  and the experience you’re after. Coffee prices in Tokyo are not overly high. Expect to spend between ¥100 to ¥800 on coffee in Tokyo; depending […]

7-Eleven Japan: Great Food & Actual Convenience

Convenience stores in Japan are conveniently convenient. We know… 7-Eleven? Really? Yes. Fly all the way to Tokyo for a 7-Eleven convenience store, you should (okay, maybe not only for 7-Eleven). Greasy pizza, ginormous gulps of soda (or slushies)… what’s the point?  How about 7-Eleven in Japan doesn’t have Slurpees? No pizza either. No fountain […]

Restaurant Hours In Tokyo: Deciphering The Confusing Opening & Closing Times

Restaurant times can be a bit tricky when visiting Tokyo (although Tokyo tends to have more opening hours than the rural areas of Japan). In general, restaurants in Tokyo open at approximately 11:00 AM daily and close between 11:00 PM and midnight. Izakayas open about 5:00 PM and many fast food shops are open 24 […]

Japanese Food: What To Eat And Where To Find It In Tokyo

Eating in Japan is an Adventure; Discover Something New This is the ultimate guide to Japanese cuisine, where we cover over 80 foods and explain where you can typically find them when adventuring in Tokyo. In this guide, we wanted to create something truly epic for you. It is a single place to learn nearly […]

What is Tempura? Japan’s Battered & Fried Masterpiece

Tempura is a phenomenal dish. You probably already know what it is. At the basic level, it is simply a fried food with a special batter and technique.

What is Soba? Japan’s Yummy Traditional Noodle Dish

What if I told you there is a noodle dish in Japan that is probably one of the healthiest, but more unknown noodle dishes globally? Unless you’re in Japan, that is. Soba noodles are all over the place here. Some soba specific shops, big chain restaurants with soba on the vast menu… and some boutique, […]

The Incredible Price of Fugu & The Best Fugu Restaurants in Tokyo

Expect to spend between ¥6,000 – ¥30,000 on a fugu dining experience in Tokyo, depending on the restaurant you choose, and the course menu.

What is Teppanyaki?

Teppan meats flat iron grill. Yaki means to cook, but in this instance, more accurately, to grill. So teppanyaki means grilled on a flat iron grill.

What is Shabu-Shabu?

Shabu-shabu is a hot pot dish where you swish very thinly sliced meat in boiling broth — instantly cooking the meat.

Kushiyaki: Grilled Skewers are the Perfect Japanese Food

Kushiyaki is grilled skewers. Much like a shish kebab. Various meats and veggies, skewered with bamboo skewers and grilled. Yakitori is a popular type of kushiyaki commonly found in izakaya throughout Tokyo.

What is Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is often referred to as Japanese-style pancakes. A mixture of batter and savory ingredients like seafood, meat, and vegetables.

What is Ramen in Japan?

“Chinese style noodles with meat or fish broth.“ But that doesn’t explain ramen in Japan. It did come from China. But Japan has made it into its own.

Donburi: Phenomenal Japanese Fast Food

Rice in a Bowl With Stuff on Top Donburi means bowl. Yep. That’s it. It’s a simple dish — and the serving bowls can be quite intricate too. You’ll often find it abbreviated as simply don. Also, the varieties of donburi end in -don. Essentially donburi is a rice dish with stuff on top. The […]

What exactly is Dashi?

Dashi is a Japanese soup broth used in a variety of Japanese cuisine. It is made by simmering dried bonito flakes or dried kelp (called konbu).

The Incredible Price of Sushi in Japan: High & Low

Sushi has wildly differing prices from shop to shop. A sushi meal may cost from ¥1,000-¥20,000+ /person, depending on restaurant and how much you eat.

What is Kaiseki?

Kaiseki 懐石 is a traditional Japanese multicourse meal. Basically consisting of hors d’oeuvre, soup, & 3 other dishes + pickles, rice, & dessert.

The Incredible Price and Quality of A5 Wagyu Beef in Japan

Pure Japanese A5 wagyu is mind-blowingly expensive. Why? How much is A5 wagyu beef in Japan? We’ll also show you how to get quality beef at exceptional prices.

Yakiniku: Grilled BBQ Perfection Foodies Love in Japan

Yakiniku is the Japanese word for “grilled meat.” Yaki means grilled and niku is meat. It’s an incredible dining experience.

Sushi: Do You Really Know What Sushi Is in Japan?

Sushi (寿司) does not mean raw fish dipped in soy sauce like you probably imagine when you hear the word. While sushi is often raw, fresh fish, it isn’t always.

What is Wagyu Beef? Everything There is to Know About Wagyu

The word wagyu (和牛) literally translates into Japanese cattle. But you can think of wagyu as high-quality beef. It is world-famous for its marbling & flavor.

What is Ekiben? The specialty delight by region

To learn “what is an ekiben,” let’s break it down. Eki is “train station.” Ben is short for “bento.” Bento is a lunch box. Ekiben is “train station lunch box.”

What is Kushiage?

Kushi (串) means “skewered” and age (揚げ) means “fried.” I think you can guess where this leads, kushiage means “skewered fried food.“

Tonkotsu? Tonkatsu? Two Very Similar Words, But A Huge Difference

The Difference Between Tonkotsu and Tonkatsu Tonkotsu (toe-n-koh-tsu), tonkatsu (toe-n-kah-tsu)… one tiny vowel changes everything. It’s so easy to mix up these words. Have you caught yourself mixing these words up? I see it all the time. I guess after 20 something years in Japan I’ve grown a keen eye for these errors.  It makes […]