How to Customize Your Ramen in Japanese

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Firmer noodles, o katame de onegai shimasu.” (men oh ka-ta-may de oh-nay-ga-she-ma-sue)

Softer noodles, o yawarakame de oneagi shimasu.” (men oh ya-wa-la-ka-may de oh-nay-ga-she-ma-sue)

Less lard (oil), please.abura o sukuname onegai shimasu.” (ah-boo-la oh sue-koo-na-may oh-nay-ga-she-ma-sue)

More lard (oil), please.abura o oome onegai shimasu.” (ah-boo-la oh oh-may oh-nay-ga-she-ma-sue)

Thicker soup, please.aji o koime onegai shimasu.” (ah-gee oh ko-E-may oh-nay-ga-she-ma-sue)

Thinner soup, please. “aji o usume onegai shimasu.” (ah-gee oh ooh-sue-may oh-nay-ga-she-ma-sue)

A quick note about thicker/thinner soup. Technically, aji is taste (or flavor). So it’s really saying “I’d like a stronger flavor.

  • Bamboo – めんま (menma)
  • Bean Sprouts – もやし (moyashi)
  • Braised Pork – チャーシュー (chashu)
  • Butter – バター (batā)
  • Garlic – ニンニク (ninniku)
  • Green Onions – ねぎ (Negi)
  • Pork Bone Broth – 豚骨 (tonkotsu)
  • Ramen – ラーメン (ra-men)

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