Reference: Vegetables (野菜)

The word vegetable in Japanese is yasai (野菜).

In this language reference, I will teach the words of various vegetables in Japanese, and other related things.

Negi (ねぎ)


Negi is scallions (a Welsh onion) — a Japanese leek, very similar to, and often mistaken for, green onions. It is an ingredient found in heaps of Japanese dishes such as ramen, donburi, shabu-shabu, and even on beef tongue in yakiniku!

It is pronounced “nay-gi” — where gi is like the karate uniform, not like in “gee-whiz.” You will most likely see negi in hiragana form, ねぎ, but there is a kanji form 葱.

Here’s a video showing negi being farmed. Sorry, it’s in Japanese, but it’s the best I could find. I think you can still learn a bit from it visually.