Learn “Enough” Japanese

If you’re reading this, you’re here really early.

I’m in the process of creating courses that take advantage of some really cool cognitive science-based brain hacks to help you learn “enough” Japanese.

What is enough Japanese?

Well, what if you want to visit Japan and more fully enjoy your experience?

Mastering Japanese can take a long time, but learning “enough” Japanese will go a very long way toward improving your time in Japan.

Course 1: Hiragana

あいうえおかきくけこ… Learn to read the Japanese hiragana characters. This course is ready for you to study.

Course 2: Katakana

Learn to read the second syllabary, katakana. This course is currently in production.

Romaji and Pronunciation

Know what romaji is, and how to pronounce Japanese is important. There isn’t a course dedicated to this, instead these concepts are rolled into the hiragana and katakana courses.

Situational Vocabulary and Phrases

After the hiragana and katakana courses will come courses designed to give you the words and phrases you’d find in everyday situations while adventuring and enjoying Japan.

Things like dining, shopping, or maybe going to the movies.