TokyoSpark Courses

Hi, here is where you’ll find all the courses on TokyoSpark. In our language courses, our philosophy is “learn enough Japanese.” Which means, learn enough to enjoy Tokyo, without trying to master Japanese (which takes a very long time).

Our other courses are designed to share experiences and teach other aspects of enjoying Tokyo — in bite-size lessons to help you learn fast.

Learn Hiragana

あいうえおかきくけこ… Learn to read the Japanese hiragana characters. They’re everywhere and vital as a core foundation to learning enough Japanese.

Learn Katakana

Learn to read the second syllabary, katakana. Again, it’s used all over — even more lately it seems — and will really help solidify your foundation of the Japanese language.

Hiragana/Katakana Dojo

A course for those who want to learn quickly at your own pace, or want a full review practice of every character in one place.