Cognitive Science-Based Language Learning Courses

Lessons break large concepts down into chunks. And each lesson weaves together things you learned in prior lessons (or even sometimes what you will learn in future lessons).

This is a brain hack to literally form/strengthen neurons that will aid in recall ability. Which is important right? This gives you the power actually to use what you learn.

Self-Paced; No Grades; No Pressure

Absolutely nothing in my courses is graded. Nobody is watching you. Nothing is tracked.

It is purely self-paced and you can learn from any mistakes you make without any consequences at all.

In fact, when you make a mistake you’ll get the right answer immediately to learn from.

Cognitive Science Magic

Here’s the really interesting thing about my courses.

It’s going to seem really easy and perhaps a bit repetitive. And you may feel like you aren’t studying very hard.

But if you actually complete each lesson and follow my instructions, the ability to recall what you learn will sneak up on you.

It’ll feel really strange at first, because we’re all used to the struggle of studying hard — the wrong way.

REST, Rest, rest, rest, rest!

Promise me. When I mention that I recommend you take a break, please do.

A long break. Enough to very nearly forget what you just learned in the lesson.

What!? You want me to forget what I just learned?

Yes. Well, kind of.

Technically it will still be in memory. The real problem is recall ability. This is what you need to practice— the ability to actually recall what you’ve learned; when you need it.

Just like going to the gym. You lift weights, get sore, rest to recover, and then workout again.

This is absolutely vital to your success in my courses. You can’t rush this.

Grade Yourself

I can hear you now: “Wait! Didn’t you say nothing was graded!?

Hear me out. This is what I mean:

As you’re going through the lessons you will know in your heart if you are actually done with the lesson. This may be a bit hard to understand right now, but you will see what I mean when you get into the courses.

Don’t speed through brushing the surface and not take the time to know, deep down inside honestly, you are ready to move on to the next lesson.

That’s grading yourself.