This lesson isn’t レヂ yet.

Let’s dive into pronouns. You will need these to make conversations smoother and easier to understand.

Just breeze real fast through this list. It’s only to give you a glimpse. The recall practice will help store these in memory.

みんな → minna

means everybody

かれの → kareno

means his

かのじょの → kanojyono

means her

それの → soreno

means its

あなたの→ anatano

means your

わたしたち → watashitachi

means we, us

かれらの → karerano

means their

わたしの→ watashino

means mine

Recall Practice

This recall practice brings in some numbers (some from last lesson, some new) and also a couple from the next lesson.

Remember, this isn’t graded. Go with it. I know you haven’t studied some of these yet. Just learn from the mistakes.

Good job! Continue practicing until you can confidently complete this with ease. Use the buttons below to restart the practice (challenge yourself with inverted and challenge mode).

Once this practice feels easy to you it’s time to take a quick break and then move on to the next lesson.