Learn Hiragana Online With Cognitive Science Brain Hacks

To make learning hiragana not only “easy,” but usable when you need it.

Hello! If you’re ready to start your journey to learning “enough” Japanese to maximize your time in this intriguing country, you’re in the right place.

This is Hiragana 101. 🙂

Where I’ll teach you hiragana and you’ll almost feel like it just sticks in memory like a superpower.

Who’s This Course For?

This course is designed to simplify learning hiragana by using a learn “enough” Japanese concept — not trying to master every tiny detail, but enough to recognize and read hiragana when you see it.

Why Learn Hiragana?

You want the superpower of reading the signs around you while exploring Japan right? 🙂

Hiragana is one part of the trio of foundation skills you’ll need: hiragana, katakana, and pronunciation that will really improve your experiences in Japan.

With these skills vocabulary and learning to speak Japanese will be much easier.

So here we go. First up, the core vowel sounds あいうえお.