Hiragana-NA NI NU NE NO

In the last lesson, we went over たちつてと. Let’s add the N consonant to your toolkit.

This is a very simple lesson, nothing tricky just like in the K consonant series. Phew, you can almost take a break and comfortably study these.

NA NI NU NE NO-なにぬねの

Let’s cover how to pronounce these characters. You can tap each character to hear the native pronunciation.

Pronouncing なにぬねの

  • な (na) – sounds like “nah” — “ah” with a N in front
  • に (ni) – sounds like “knee”
  • ぬ (nu) – sounds like “new”
  • ね (ne) – sounds like “nay”
  • の (no) – sounds like “no” 🙂

Look Out For に and た

You learned (ta) in the last lesson. It’s not that た and に look super similar, but they are just similar enough that when handwritten, or using fancy typography, they can blend a bit.