Hiragana-NA NI NU NE NO

In the last lesson, we went over たちつてと. Let’s add the N consonant to your toolkit.

This is a very simple lesson, nothing tricky just like in the K consonant series. Phew, you can almost take a break and comfortably study these.

NA NI NU NE NO-なにぬねの

Let’s cover how to pronounce these characters. You can tap each character to hear the native pronunciation.

Pronouncing なにぬねの

  • な (na) – sounds like “nah” — “ah” with a N in front
  • に (ni) – sounds like “knee”
  • ぬ (nu) – sounds like “new”
  • ね (ne) – sounds like “nay”
  • の (no) – sounds like “no” 🙂

Look Out For に and た

You learned (ta) in the last lesson. It’s not that た and に look super similar, but they are just similar enough that when handwritten, or using fancy typography, they can blend a bit.

Recall Practice

Time to practice! Just like in all lessons, do this as many times as it takes for you to feel like you can confidently select the correct answer without guessing.

This recall brings back かきくけこ to combine with なにぬねの.

Good job! Continue practicing until you can confidently complete this with ease. Use the buttons below to restart the practice (challenge yourself with inverted and challenge mode).

Once this practice feels easy to you it’s time to take a quick break and then move on to the next lesson.