Hiragana-RA RI RU RE RO

In the last lesson, we went over まみむめも — a simple lesson without any real gotchas.

The R consonant in this lesson is simple too, but there is a pronunciation issue to think about.

RA RI RU RE RO-らりるれろ

First let’s cover how to pronounce these characters. You can tap each character to hear native pronunciation.

This consonant has a catch. The R sounds like L.

Pronouncing らりるれろ

Look Out For る-ろ and れ-ね

(ru) and (ro) are super easy to mix up. It took me a while to get these two correct regularly. It seems backwards that ろ (ro) doesn’t have the little loop at the bottom.

(re) and (ne) — from a previous lesson — are extremely similar too. Take care to make the difference straight in your mind through whatever technique you need. Personally I think of れ as a cursive R.