Bonus Lesson 1: Hotels in Tokyo

This is less of a lesson and more of a different thought for you.

Sometimes staying in a hotel is an experience itself. But I think exploring Tokyo is the experience when you’re here. Not the hotel.

The hotel is really the place to crash and recover from a day of adventure.

In my opinion.

Because unless you stay at a ryokan, the hotel experience is essentially the same as it is anywhere.

So how about this.

Instead of paying through the nose for a place smack in the middle of downtown Tokyo, check out Tachikawa.

It’s a smaller town on the western side of Tokyo.

It has a well-connected train station that will get you downtown in 25-40 minutes — and the hotels are nice.

Here’s Tachikawa on the map.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Tachikawa is home to the Showa Kinen Park too. You’ll find there are often interesting events hosted there.

Or if it is cherry blossom season when you’re visiting, Showa Park has some great views for you.

I think one of the nicest things about Tachikawa is the almost downtown feel, but less touristy and a tiny bit of the down-home country living has seeped into the area.

Just a little — it is still Tokyo.

Tachikawa isn’t on the average tourist’s to-do list so it’s a bit of an exclusive adventure you can show off to your friends.

That’s it for this bonus lesson. Hope you enjoyed it. I think you’d enjoy Tachikawa if you give it a shot.