Lesson 10: Don’t worry about making mistakes

This lesson is important.  

One of the biggest bits of advice I give to new ex-pats or visitors in Japan. 

Remember above when I said to stay motivated, even though the language is pretty tough?

This ties into that.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. 

Being afraid to get out there and attempting to use the language will slow your progress, and may stifle your full enjoyment of what Japan has to offer. 

Like I said before, the Japanese people are some of the nicest on Earth. You won’t be belittled for making mistakes. 

Instead, they’ll often be excited that you’re trying! They’ll help you, encourage you, and may even try to befriend you if the situation is appropriate.

In short, don’t worry so much. Get out there, make mistakes, learn from them, and you’ll enjoy Japan a whole lot more.

Tomorrow’s lesson will expand upon this line of thinking too. I can’t wait to show you!